Meet our Speakers

From TEDxMillsHighSchool 2016

Brannon Beliso

Brannon Beliso is an 8th degree black belt and the owner of One Martial Arts in San Francisco and Millbrae. He is the creator of One Merit Badges, an international life-skills building system. Brannon presents workshops and seminars with the mindset that we can all always do and be better. He is committed to being a student for life and dedicated to serving others.

Heidi Rae Weinstein

As a personal chef for both Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley families, Heidi Rae Weinstein has spent much of her career espousing the importance of family mealtime. In addition to competing on Food TV Network’s “Chopped,” her platform of “getting the American family back to the dinner table” has been featured on the CBS Daytime Talk Show “The Talk” and in Redbook Magazine.

Moya Chang

Moya Chang is a sixteen year old who loves food and cooking. Born and raised in and around her family’s restaurants, she inherited her culinary nerdiness beginning with her grandfather, a chef specializing in japanese cuisine. If she isn't cooking, she is eating, if she isn't eating, she is plotting her next meal and if she isn't plotting, she is mosty likely shopping for her next experimental dish. Not only does Moya love food, she also loves how the nutrients in food can beneficially affect the mind and body.

Zynara Ng

Zynara Ng is a Video Producer at YouTube. She creates global educational videos for YouTube Creators around the world to help them get to the next level and become the next big YouTube star. Previous to this, Zynara worked in Google's Global Marketing Department, Lucasfilms Animation, and DreamWorks Television. Zynara is passionate about connecting with others and coaching others and is dedicated to living a life of authenticity. She finds joy in spirituality, nature, art, music and is dedicated to the journey of finding your own voice.

Chris Spetzler

Chris Spetzler, Executive Director of the Decision Education Foundation, is passionate about bringing decision skills to young people. Chris has taught Decision Quality to educators through Stanford Center for Professional Development and to students through Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies. Chris’ online course, Decision Skills: Power Tools to Build Your Life, has had tens of thousands participants since 2013. In addition to teaching Decision Skills, Chris supports educators and organizations in realizing the benefits of decision education. Before joining Decision Education Foundation, Chris was a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry, applying decision analytic principles to developing life-saving drugs. He completed an MA at Stanford Graduate School of Education and an MBA at Thunderbird, a top US business school in international management.

Elena Wang

Elena Wang is a senior at Mills High School who asks too many questions for her own good. As an Asian American, she identifies with the social pressures that they face in everyday life. After witnessing a peer of hers succumb to Western beauty standards in a drastic way, Elena realized she had to speak up for the unique marvel that over half of all Asians possess: monolids. Delving into the evolutionary theories behind monolids and describing her appreciation for the genetics that coded them, Elena hopes to help other Asians perceive their monolids as a special phenotypic gift from their ancestors.

Mission: What is TED?

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world. For more information, visit